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One of my business goals for 2014 is to promote and photograph more Birth and Fresh 48 sessions.  Birth photography is something I absolutely love to do. I feel so honored when a family invites me to share in one of the most important days of their lives; it is such an amazing experience being able to photograph as a brand new life enters this world.  I take a very modest approach;  my goal is to make mom and dad feel so comfortable that they forget I am even there. As for the photos, I really try to focus on all the details, so years later when they look back at those photos they may see something that they didn't even remember happened.  

I was lucky enough to photograph 3 births in 2013.  I could tell you a million times over how much I love to photograph births, but I thought hearing what the experience was like from my clients perspective would be helpful to read, especially if this is something you are considering. 

Allison' Birth ~ 8/26/13
"When I first found out you were doing birth photography I was excited!  With Taylor's birth, I felt like I missed out on some things (her first bath, her first cry, her other first few moments of life).  I really wanted to have something for Allison's birth that I could look back on and see what happened while I was "busy" :)
I told Chris about it and he was not excited and thought he wouldn't want anyone else in the room.  I told him that I really, really wanted this done and he went along with it.  When the time came, I don't think either of us remembered that you were there.  I mean, of course we knew you were there, we asked you to come.  We had conversation during contractions. :)  During the process though, you were so quiet.  I didn't hear you (unless we were talking) and I certainly didn't think twice about the camera being around.  I'm usually very self conscious and I didn't feel that way at all.  I remember just once, after everything was done, remembering that the camera was there.  I was so busy doing other things, I completely forgot about it.  As a result, there are some fabulous pictures that would have otherwise never been taken.

I'm so thankful for them.  I look at her now and I can't believe she was (so) little. The video still makes me cry.  The first few times I watched it, I bawled like a baby.  Now, just little tears, but of course happy ones.  It just gives me something to remember about the day our littlest (and probably last) was born.  How trying it was but what a great thing came out of it.  Labor is not a pretty thing.  It's not called labor for nothing. It's our labor though and it's our story."  Jess W.
George's Birth ~ 11/19/13
"The birth of my first child was a complete blur as it was an emergency situation. One of my biggest regrets was that there were no pictures taken and my husband and I could barely piece together moments. When I learned that Carly was doing birth photography I jumped at the chance to have her there to capture the birth of my son. I was nervous having someone else in the room and taking pictures where all bets are off. Someone new would be seeing me in a very vulnerable state and photographing it as well. I mentioned this to Carly as the day got closer and she was so kind and really put me at ease about the whole situation. Even telling me that I could back out completely, kick her out of the room at any point, and that I would have complete say in what pictures were shown, etc. When the big day arrived we texted back and forth and it actually took my mind off of some of the laboring. At the hospital, Carly was always a few steps behind or  beside. As she had written me weeks before, she made the day about my husband, myself and my baby. She never once interrupted a moment or intruded in any way. During delivery, Carly was apparently everywhere as evidenced from the pictures, but I didn’t feel like there was a photographer in the room at all. After my son was born she took a few more photographs, quietly said, “congratulations” and “goodnight” and was on her way. The moments that Carly captured bring tears to our eyes each and every time we look at them. Even though I remember everything about this birth now, moments will be forgotten and I will have these pictures to look back on. These pictures also show the strength and love of my relationship with my husband as we welcomed our son. Something that brings a smile each time I see them. While I expected to keep these pictures privately, for our family only, Carly really took beautiful pictures and took care to keep them modest that we ended up showing friends and family. Carly, thank you so much for being there for the birth of George. Not only did you capture one of the most amazing moments of our lives, but you became part of that story as well."  Maeghan L. 

Lila's Birth ~ 7/18/13

"I had been admiring Carly’s photos for some time before I found out she was doing birth photography.   It did not take me long to contact her.  And it is a decision I am so happy to have made.  My husband was hesitant at first but once I explained to him what Carly would be doing he was just as excited.  
Ms. L’s birth was a planned a c-section.  This was my second c-section and I remember  few details from that day.  I wanted to make this birth experience much different.   I wanted to have the memories that I do not have with my first one.  This was also going to be my last child and my husband’s first.  
Of course sharing a very intimate moment, like the birth of your child with a near stranger, can come with its fears.  I had not met with Carly prior to the magic day but had communicated through several e-mails.  Each conversation through e-mail was completely supportive and reassuring and professional.  
We met Carly the morning of Ms L’s birth.  She arrived at the hospital 2 hours prior to the c-section with us.  And as we all know..things never go as planned.  Carly remained patient and calm and stayed with us.  Then it was finally time!!
The hospital we were at had a “policy” that she could not be in with us but my OB knew how important this meant to me and my husband so she pulled some strings and Carly was in the OR.  I think everyone had forgotten that she was even there.  She was dressed up in her gear and pretty much looked like she belonged in the  OR.  
Carly captured all the moments that I couldn’t see.  From my husband acting silly prior to entering the OR to Ms. L’s actual arrival and the cutting of the cord….all things that I would have missed lying behind a sheet.  
I honestly did not know what to expect when Carly had completed our “session.”  From this day I will sing her praises and would recommend anyone that expecting…e-mail Carly.  I cannot help but share with everyone the video that Carly made because it is beautiful.  She captured every moment fabulously and even seemed to manage getting time shots, so it feels like you are following us through the entire process.  Due to this awesome experience, I will continue to return to Carly for photos of Ms. L.  There is no one, in mind, that has her patience and capturing of every sweet moment.   We have booked Carly at least until Ms. L’s senior photos!  (hoping for beyond!)  I will always sing Carly’s praises because they are the truth! 
So glad to have met such a great photographer and someone who our family calls a friend!!" Jill B. 

I do realize that not everyone wants me present at the time of birth, which I absolutely respect. This is why I also offer Fresh 48 sessions. These happen when baby is still in the hospital, typically within the first 48 hours after birth.   Fresh 48 sessions are another option to using the hospital photographer.  I take a lifestyle approach to these sessions that may differ from traditional hospital portraits. I want families to look at these photos and remember all of the emotions they felt in those first few and very short days after birth.  In 2013 I was able to photograph 4 Fresh 48 sessions.  These sessions in particular have quickly become my favorite sessions to photograph.  They are so pure and simple.  No props, no posing just a sweet brand new baby in mom or dads arms.  Read below what my clients had to say about their Fresh 48 sessions.
Baby Emilia ~ 1 day old
"I can't say enough about how happy I am to have had you come to the hospital and capture the first hours of my daughters life. Becoming a parent of 1st time or the 3rd brings challenges when you go home. Life is busy and it's so hard to capture the amazing first moments of your babies life. Having you come to the hospital allowed me to be relaxed and the images you got were so special. Especially the shot of my 3 kids together. The way you were able to capture the personality of each of my boys as they met their sister for the first time was beyond priceless. Everyone who sees that picture and knows my kids can't say enough about how perfect it portrays them and that immensely important time in our lives."  Erin H.
Baby Madelyn ~ 2 days old
"My daughter Madelyn was born just 3 1/2 months ago and I almost can't remember what she was like during those first few days; how small she was, her tiny toes, wrinkly skin and how big her hospital bracelet was on her tiny bony leg. I was told that it would all be a blur.  It was.  I will always cherish the photos Carly took of Madelyn during her first 48 hours at the hospital.

Carly is so talented. I love all of her creative ideas with poses, accessories, etc. I was completely comfortable with her being at the hospital with me in a not so glamorous or even put together state. She maintained a high level of professionalism and is AMAZING with babies!"  Chelsea C.

Baby George ~ 1 day old
"Words can not even describe how thankful I am for these pictures. Knowing that we didn't have many from when my daughter was born, I looked forward to having Carly capture our little guy meeting his big sister and of our family becoming complete. The short hospital stay can go by in a blur and you’ll forget to take pictures or feel rushed because there are so many people coming in and out of your room. Carly came in and the feeling immediately became relaxed. Carly was patient and very nurturing to our newborn and our three-year old daughter. Out of all of the sessions we did with Carly, the Fresh 48 are our favorites. Those first days when you are overcome with love as you get to meet your baby and learn something new each time you look at them. Carly captures these moments in a raw, unedited and posed way. The pictures bring tears to my eyes Carly, thank you!" Maeghan L.

Babies Qunityn and Cooper ~ 1 day old 
"Having Carly photograph my twin daughters at just 24 hours old was so special. The photographs are invaluable and incredibly beautiful. It is a day that I can never get back and having her capture those memories on film are priceless. Not only is she incredibly talented, she is patient and gentle and you can see her passion for photography in her work. I will forever cherish those first sweet photos of my daughters. Thank you, Carly!"  Jess P.   

Thank you so much to my clients who took the time to help me write this blog post, by providing your feed back on and expressing what these sessions were like for you.  I truly appreciate it and thank you all for your kind words. You may see more posts from me about these two subjects as I try to grow this portion of my business.  Also, if you or anyone you know may be interested please send me a quick email, I would love to discuss these sessions with you and answer any questions you may have, even if you are just curious about how the process works.   



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